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Feb 2021
Please be informed that our office & showroom will be closed for Lunar New Year holiday commencing from: • 11th till 17th February, 2021 • Business operation will resume on 18th February , 2021 (Thursday)
Jan 2020
Please be informed that our Office / Showroom will be closed from 24th January to 2nd February, 2020 for the forthcoming Lunar New Year Festive celebrations. Office / Showroom Operations will resume on the 3rd February 2020, Monday. The Management & Staff of Sansei, would like to take this opportunity to wish ALL of you a "HAPPY & PROSPEROUS LUNAR NEW YEAR".
Jan 2020
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Dec 2019
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020
Jan 2019
Happy Chinese New Year 2019
Sansei wishing you in good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year. 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐
Happy New Year 2019
Dec 2018
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019
Sep 2018
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Sansei wishing you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival, bliss, and happiness. 皓月闪烁,星光闪耀,中秋佳节,美满快乐!
Sep 2018
Our New Accessories Brand
SCHELL Hand Showers Bidet If you choose SCHELL, you are choosing quality products “Made in Germany”.
Schell Bidet Sprayer
Apr 2018
New Concept XS Designs - Make The Most of Small Scale Bathrooms
Acrylic baths_News 2018_EN
Feb 2018
Chinese New Year Closure
For the forthcoming Lunar New Year celebrations, our office and showroom will be closed from 15 to 20 Feb 2018. Business resume on 21 Feb 2018. Wishing you and loved ones a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year of the Dog.
Dec 2017
Dear Valued Clients & Business Partners Please be informed that our Company will be closed on 30 December 2017, Saturday. Normal business will resume on 2nd January, Tuesday. We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year! Yours sincerely, Sansei (Singapura) Pte Ltd
Dec 2017
Ho Ho Ho ...A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
Sep 2017
Wishing you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival, bliss, and happiness ~
Mid Autumn Festival 2017 200917
Jan 2017
Chinese New Year Closure
Dear Valued Clients & Business Partners, Our office will be closed from 27 Jan - 05 Feb 2017 for Chinese New Year. We will resume work on 6 February 2017.
Dec 2016
Announcement: Office Closed Notice
Dear Valued Clients & Business Partners, Our office will be closed on New Year's Eve, 31 December 2016. Wish you a Happy New Year!!!
Dec 2016
Spreading the Christmas cheer!
Nov 2016
Announcement: Annual Stock Taking
Dear Valued Clients & Business Partners Please be informed that our Company will be conducting the annual stock-taking and closure of business operations on 29 & 30 November 2016, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. We thank you for your kind attention and co-operation in this regard. Yours sincerely, Sansei (Singapura) Pte Ltd
Jul 2016
Quote for the day
"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." - Michael LeBoeuf
Jul 2016
Quote for the day
"Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game." - Tony Allesandra
Jul 2016
Food Waste Disposers
~Innovation in your kitchen, cleaner, more convenient and environmentally responsible~ At the touch of a button, food waste is dealt with hygienically and instantly rather than leaving it in a bin to encourage smells, bacteria and insects. And InSinkErator® food waste disposers don’t just offer practical, contemporary convenience; they provide an environmentally sound answer to the growing problem of food waste. No less than 20% of household waste is food waste.
Jun 2016
Quote for the day
A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. -Mahatma Gandhi-
Jun 2016
Kludi Logo Neo
KLUDI LOGO NEO - The logical choice Sleek lines and reliable technology are what characterise KLUDI LOGO NEO as a member of the KLUDI family of mixer. The flat spout and the precise edges are typical of the practical use of form. KLUDI LOGO NEO makes it easy to choose a quality mixer.
Jun 2016
Scarabeo Fuji
Designed for Scarabeo Ceramiche, the bathroom system Fuji is born from the request to realize a functional, declinable and a strong personality product. The collection Fuji is characterised by soft and essential lines that, beginning with the washbasin are then proposed in the other elements of the bathroom system. Thanks to some simple correction on details and accessories, Fuji is able to configure a functional and complete bathroom environment.
Jun 2016
Scarabeo Mizu
Designed by Emo design, is an elegant ceramic washbasin. It represents an innovative solution that rethinks the object’s traditional architecture. Here the washbasin is thought like a volume composed of many components that define the external shell. The central cut of the superior cap, which designs the object’s graphic, drains the water in the bowl, where the drain hole is hidden.
Jun 2016
Knief Prince
Absolute modern classic! Inspired by the last century this bathtub with its pure aluminum (brushed) outer ergonomically interprets classic tub design in the spirit of time. Its special, unique and outstanding design is an eye catcher for your bathroom!
Apr 2013
Cristina Modul and Stella Bamboo mixers feature in Singapore Tatler Homes magazine
Our Cristina Modul and Stella Bamboo mixers were both featured in Singapore Tatler Homes Feb/Mar 2013 Issue
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Feb 2013
Cristina Sandwich rainshower in Home+Living Issue 11
Our Cristina's Sandwich rainshower was featured in the latest issue of Home+Living magazine.
Jan 2013
Sansei's exquisite range of products feature in Propertyguru's Ultimate Interior Design Journal
Our various range of sanitarywares and fittings were featured in Propertyguru's latest issue of The Ultimate Interior Design Journal!
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Dec 2012
Sansei's Newly Revamped Showroom Feature in Square Rooms magazine
Our newly revamped showroom was featured in the latest issue of SquareRooms magazine.
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Nov 2012
Sansei's Newly Revamped Showroom feature in Lianhe Zao Bao
Our newly revamped showroom was featured in today's edition of Lianhe Zao Bao (05th Nov).
Nov 2012
Interview with Cristina Rubinetterie in Wicked! magazine
Here's another great interview with Cristina Rubinetterie in the latest issue of Wicked! magazine 2012. Get to know why their exquisite range of fittings are different from others.
Oct 2012
Sansei's products featured in Propertyguru's Design Lookbook
Looking for the ideal sanitary fittings or wares for your new or existing bathroom? Propertyguru's Design Lookbook highly recommends our range from Duravit, Cristina, Stella and Scarabeo in their latest issue.
Oct 2012
Hatria's G-Full System in Bathroom+Kitchen Today Magazine
Our Hatria's G-Full, an integrated one-piece sanitary fitting system that combines the functions of the WC and bidet in a single ceramic surface, was featured in Bathroom+Kitchen Today magazine.
Sep 2012
Duravit's Starck Collection in Square Rooms magazine
Looking for the ideal bathtub for just the both of you for your new or existing bathroom? Square Rooms recommends Duravit Starck free standing bathtub to their readers in the September 2012 issue.
Sep 2012
Cristina's Sandwich Colour Rainshower and Hatria's Happy Hour Washbasin in Square Rooms magazine
Looking to glam up your bathroom? Square Rooms magazine suggested some ways to attain bathroom bliss and Cristina Sandwich Colors rainshower and Hatria's Happy Hour washbasins were highly recommended to their readers!
Sep 2012
Scarabeo's Bijoux Washbasin and Cristina's Tricolore Verde Mixer in Home Concepts magazine
Looking to create the perfect bathroom sanctuary? Home Concepts magazine highly recommends Scarabeo's Bijoux washbasin and Cristina's Tricolore Verde mixer in their latest Sept'12 issue
Aug 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie's Sandwich Plus Rainshower in Bathroom+Kitchen Today
Our Cristina Rubinetterie's Sandwich Plus Rainshower, designed by Arch. Gianluigi Landon, was featured in the latest issue of Bathroom+Kitchen Today Vol.3
Aug 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie's Bollicine Mixer in Wedding & Lifestyle Vol. 6 Issue 5
Wedding & Lifestyle magazine shares with their readers on how to create your ideal bathroom, incorporating with some of our exquisite products.
Jul 2012
Sansei Singapura's exclusive event with Cristina Rubinetterie in Home Concepts magazine
Our intimate bash with Cristina Rubinetterie was featured in Home Concepts July'12 issue.
Jul 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie's 'Sandwich Colours' rainshower in Home Concepts July'12 issue
Cristina Rubinetterie's Sandwich Colours rainshower, which was featured in Home Concepts July'12 issue, operates using LED Lights, allowing one to help to save the earth in style.
Jun 2012
Knief & Co. 'Venice' Black Bathtub in Square Rooms magazine
Square Rooms introduces our Knief & Co.'s Venice Black bathtub - an extension to their already impressive Aqua Plus collection, in their latest June 2012 issue.
May 2012
Knief & Co. 'Oval' Bathtub in Home Concepts magazine
Knief & Co. 'Oval' bathtub, under their 'Modern' design series, was featured in Home Concepts latest issue.
May 2012
Cristina Sandwich Rainshower in Sg Living magazine
Cristina Sandwich rainshower, one of their iconic piece, was featured in Sg Living, a lifestyle guide to prime districts in Singapore
Apr 2012
Scarabeo Wish collection in Bathroom + Kitchen Today magazine
Designed by Talocci Design Studio, Scarabeo Wish collection is enriched with a number of colour finishes that lead a strong character to the furnishings.
Apr 2012
Cristina Bollicine Tap and Scarabeo Planet WC in PURE Magazine
PURE magazine, published by PUB, the national water agency, offers an entertaining and informative read about water and environmental issues, shares with their readers on how to create a trendy yet eco-friendly bathroom using our products.
Mar 2012
Hatria basin and Serel WC in Home and Decor Mar 12 issue
A great bathroom concept done up by one of our client, incorporated with our Serel's WC and Hatria's washbasin, was featured in the latest Home & Decor March 2012 issue.
Mar 2012
Duravit PuraVida Bathtub in Cubes Issue 54
Designed by renowned Phoenix Design, Duravit PuraVida Bathtub subtly creates this much-desired atmosphere with white LED lights lacing the rim in a soft sensual glow.
Feb 2012
Knief Oval and Prince Bathtubs in Home+Living magazine
Looking for the right bathtub for your new or existing home? Seeking the ideal one should be a fun process! Home+Living magazine recommends both our Knief & Co's Oval and Prince bathtub to their readers in their Issue 5.
Jan 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie in Wicked! 2012 issue
Wicked! magazine shares with their readers on Cristina Rubinetterie, a leading bathroom brand available exclusively at Sansei Singapura, that innovates and set trends.
Dec 2011
Sansei Singapura in Singapore Tatler Homes
Whether you are on a month long or just a weekend getaway, Singapore Tatler Homes magazine shares with their readers on how to take inspiration from the hotel which you have stayed in and create or recreate the sensual experience, incorporated with our unique products, into your own home!
Nov 2011
Cristina King Tap in Home Improvement Issue 2
Cristina Rubinetterie launched their latest collections during the renowned CERSAIE fair held recently in Italy and one of the main highlight was their King Tap,designed by MC2 Architetti Associati. Like the name itself, the King tap is squared in design, strong and masculine.
Nov 2011
Zucchetti Mini Spin ZXS681 in Square Room
Designed by Raul Barbieri, this new collection is stamped with the company's commitment to style and quality. Regardless of what you choose from the line of elegant and high tech faucets, Zucchetti Mini Spin will definitely be the perfect addition to your bathroom.
Nov 2011
Cristina Rubinetterie unique tap and mixer in Home+Living Issue 4
Planning to create or recreate your ideal bathroom with the right tap or mixer? With a myriad of varieties out there, one is bound to be spoilt for choice. Home+Living highly recommended a few and Cristina Rubinetterie\'s Tricolore Verde and Canova Elite mixers were given the thumbs up as the perfect addition to one\'s dream bathroom.
Nov 2011
Sansei's Hatria Grandangolo YOVO in Cubes
From Hatria's Grandangolo series comes YOVO, a washbasin of refined proportions for the bathroom. Measuring 1300mm x 500mm, YOVO tapers elegantly towards one end, which can double up as a counter for toiletries.
Oct 2011
Cristina's Francesea Cristina Interview in Home Concepts
Francesea Cristina, the vice president and third generation of Italian brand Cristina Rubinetterie, shares her views on the company and her thoughts on bathroom trends. Cristina Rubinetterie has been around for many years. What are some of the traditions that your company maintains? Being in the business for so long, we still believe that we operate very much as a family company.
Oct 2011
Sansei's Knief Prince and Cristina Sandwich Colors Showerhead in Home Concepts
Done in the classic French style, the Knief & Co. Gmbh "Prince" bathtub's exterior goes bold through an aluminium exterior with an industrial feel, right down to the rivets. One of the bathtubs from the German company's Aqua Plus range, it has a double skin of Lucite acrylic, increasing wall thickness for enhances stability and insulation.
Jul 2011
Cristina's Francesea Cristina Interview in Lookbox
Francesea Cristian, the Vice President and third generation of the Italian brand Cristina Rubinetterie, talks about bathroom trends and more. What are the new lines coming up for Cristina? Francesea Cristina (FC): In September this year, we'll present four new lines at the Cersaie exhibition in Italy. I have seen some prototypes, but no one has seen those lines.
Jul 2011
Sansei's Vipo Segni & Disegni in Lookbox
The bathroom is the place where you spend your most intimate moments, so it follows that it should be just as stylishly decked out as the rest of your home or work space. Sansei Singapura understands this, which is why it's been one of Singapore's leading bathroom specialists since its establishment in 1967. It's 4,000-sq-ft showroom offers a one-stop solution to your bathroom needs with its comprehensive range of renowned brands like Cristina, Zucchetti, Hatria, Scarabeo, just to name a few.
Jul 2011
Sansei's Zucchetti collection in Lookbox
As ne of the world's foremost manufacturers of taps and fittings, Zucchetti offers breakthrough designs by some of the esteemed designers around the world. Its latest collection, which includes Soft, Pan, Wosh and Aguablu, now available in Singapore at Sansei, continues to be a reflection of the company's design outlook. Soft and Pan are designed by architects and designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, whose design approach is inspired by anything from the natural world to manmade architecture.
May 2011
Sansei's Cristina Modul, Quadri & Bollicine Series in Lookbox
Tap Dance - Kit out your sinks with taps that make washing up a total pleasure.
Jan 2011
Sansei's Silfra Passerpartout on Lookbox Annual 2011
There is no over looking bathroom design these days, even when it comes down to the smallest detail. Connection pipes - those found between sinks, bidets and water mains - have come under the scrutiny of the design-conscious. An example of a connection pipe that is intelligent, aesthetically pleasing and versatile is Silfra's Passerpartout. It complements any stylish and modern home, with its corrugated design in high-quality stainless steel, which has been certified by the Italian Association for the study of the applications of stainless steels by the INOX Centre in Milan.
Jan 2011
Sansei's Cristina Sandwich Shower Lamp in Home+Living
Hand-held showers slot into brackets that are either fixed to the wall or on a riser rail so you can adjust its height and they are connected by a flexible hose. These do not look as sleek or streamlined as fixed heads. But the great advantage is that you can detach them for focused rinsing and easy cleaning of the shower enclosure.
Jan 2011
Sansei in Home+Living
There is nothing lovelier than coming home after a long day to relax and indulge in some sensual and luxurious bath time. Hot water and plenty of steam can do wonders for restoring a peaceful state of mind. Find out how the right choice of tiles, fixtures and lightings can transform an ordinary bathroom into something more. First: Determine the ideal bathroom style, which you intend to create. It could be a Balinese-style bathroom or even a contemporary-style bathroom.
Nov 2010
Sansei's Cristina Sandwich Plus range on Home+Living
Shower yourself in luxury with Cristina Rubinetterie Showers. The Sandwich Plus showerhead is made by sheets of stainless steel welded together and it is presented in many different shapes and in various dimensions. Thanks to the extreme thinness, the water flows over the entire surface of the interior in a uniform manner. The result is a jet with a truly rain-like effect.
Nov 1999
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019
Nov 1999
Sansei's Zucchetti.Kos' Faraway collection in Surface Asia
Designed for KOS by the Italian design team Ludovica and Roberto Palombam the Faraway bathtub was conceived from an analysis of organic, asymmetrical geometry combined with a fluid, sensual form. Constructed from Cristalplant (a non-toxic composite material with a high percentage of minerals), the deceptively simple form of the free-standing bathtub conceals the complex mechanics of an energy saving structure and a well-designed, ergonomic shape that conforms to the contours of the human body. The contemporary sculptural lines combined with functionality and comfort bring a luxurious, dream-like quality to bathtime.
Nov 1999
Zucchetti's Mini Spin ZXS681 in Square Room
Designed by Raul Barbieri, this new collection is stamped with the company's commitment to style and quality. Regardless of what you choose from the line of elegant and high tech faucets, Zucchetti's Mini Spin will definitely be the perfect addition to your bathroom.
Nov 1999
Zucchetti's Mini Spin ZXS681 in Square Room
Designed by Raul Barbieri, this new collection is stamped with the company's commitment to style and quality. Regardless of what you choose from the line of elegant and high tech faucets, Zucchetti's Mini Spin will definitely be the perfect addition to your bathroom.