Dec 2012
Sansei's Newly Revamped Showroom Feature in Square Rooms magazine
Our newly revamped showroom was featured in the latest issue of SquareRooms magazine.
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Nov 2012
Sansei's Newly Revamped Showroom feature in Lianhe Zao Bao
Our newly revamped showroom was featured in today's edition of Lianhe Zao Bao (05th Nov).
Nov 2012
Interview with Cristina Rubinetterie in Wicked! magazine
Here's another great interview with Cristina Rubinetterie in the latest issue of Wicked! magazine 2012. Get to know why their exquisite range of fittings are different from others.
Oct 2012
Sansei's products featured in Propertyguru's Design Lookbook
Looking for the ideal sanitary fittings or wares for your new or existing bathroom? Propertyguru's Design Lookbook highly recommends our range from Duravit, Cristina, Stella and Scarabeo in their latest issue.
Oct 2012
Hatria's G-Full System in Bathroom+Kitchen Today Magazine
Our Hatria's G-Full, an integrated one-piece sanitary fitting system that combines the functions of the WC and bidet in a single ceramic surface, was featured in Bathroom+Kitchen Today magazine.
Sep 2012
Duravit's Starck Collection in Square Rooms magazine
Looking for the ideal bathtub for just the both of you for your new or existing bathroom? Square Rooms recommends Duravit Starck free standing bathtub to their readers in the September 2012 issue.
Sep 2012
Cristina's Sandwich Colour Rainshower and Hatria's Happy Hour Washbasin in Square Rooms magazine
Looking to glam up your bathroom? Square Rooms magazine suggested some ways to attain bathroom bliss and Cristina Sandwich Colors rainshower and Hatria's Happy Hour washbasins were highly recommended to their readers!
Sep 2012
Scarabeo's Bijoux Washbasin and Cristina's Tricolore Verde Mixer in Home Concepts magazine
Looking to create the perfect bathroom sanctuary? Home Concepts magazine highly recommends Scarabeo's Bijoux washbasin and Cristina's Tricolore Verde mixer in their latest Sept'12 issue
Aug 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie's Sandwich Plus Rainshower in Bathroom+Kitchen Today
Our Cristina Rubinetterie's Sandwich Plus Rainshower, designed by Arch. Gianluigi Landon, was featured in the latest issue of Bathroom+Kitchen Today Vol.3
Aug 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie's Bollicine Mixer in Wedding & Lifestyle Vol. 6 Issue 5
Wedding & Lifestyle magazine shares with their readers on how to create your ideal bathroom, incorporating with some of our exquisite products.
Jul 2012
Sansei Singapura's exclusive event with Cristina Rubinetterie in Home Concepts magazine
Our intimate bash with Cristina Rubinetterie was featured in Home Concepts July'12 issue.
Jul 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie's 'Sandwich Colours' rainshower in Home Concepts July'12 issue
Cristina Rubinetterie's Sandwich Colours rainshower, which was featured in Home Concepts July'12 issue, operates using LED Lights, allowing one to help to save the earth in style.
Jun 2012
Knief & Co. 'Venice' Black Bathtub in Square Rooms magazine
Square Rooms introduces our Knief & Co.'s Venice Black bathtub - an extension to their already impressive Aqua Plus collection, in their latest June 2012 issue.
May 2012
Knief & Co. 'Oval' Bathtub in Home Concepts magazine
Knief & Co. 'Oval' bathtub, under their 'Modern' design series, was featured in Home Concepts latest issue.
May 2012
Cristina Sandwich Rainshower in Sg Living magazine
Cristina Sandwich rainshower, one of their iconic piece, was featured in Sg Living, a lifestyle guide to prime districts in Singapore
Apr 2012
Scarabeo Wish collection in Bathroom + Kitchen Today magazine
Designed by Talocci Design Studio, Scarabeo Wish collection is enriched with a number of colour finishes that lead a strong character to the furnishings.
Apr 2012
Cristina Bollicine Tap and Scarabeo Planet WC in PURE Magazine
PURE magazine, published by PUB, the national water agency, offers an entertaining and informative read about water and environmental issues, shares with their readers on how to create a trendy yet eco-friendly bathroom using our products.
Mar 2012
Hatria basin and Serel WC in Home and Decor Mar 12 issue
A great bathroom concept done up by one of our client, incorporated with our Serel's WC and Hatria's washbasin, was featured in the latest Home & Decor March 2012 issue.
Mar 2012
Duravit PuraVida Bathtub in Cubes Issue 54
Designed by renowned Phoenix Design, Duravit PuraVida Bathtub subtly creates this much-desired atmosphere with white LED lights lacing the rim in a soft sensual glow.
Feb 2012
Knief Oval and Prince Bathtubs in Home+Living magazine
Looking for the right bathtub for your new or existing home? Seeking the ideal one should be a fun process! Home+Living magazine recommends both our Knief & Co's Oval and Prince bathtub to their readers in their Issue 5.
Jan 2012
Cristina Rubinetterie in Wicked! 2012 issue
Wicked! magazine shares with their readers on Cristina Rubinetterie, a leading bathroom brand available exclusively at Sansei Singapura, that innovates and set trends.